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Dr. Ruth Penton Polson is local dentist and facial aesthetic injector who has been in practice for 16 years. She is a graduate of the UAB school of dentistry.

Ruth Penton is also an abstract artist and the President and designer of REP ACTIVE ART, a fashion forward luxury athleisure line she launched in 2017. The mission of her activewear line is to empower and encourage women. Ruth Penton supports numerous philanthropies through donations of her art and activewear. She designs scarves using her art for female cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and gives a percentage of these proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama.

Ruth Penton is a Sustainer of the Junior League. She is a previous member of the Mountain Brook Chamber. She is a member of the Junior Women’s Committee of 100 supporting the Emmet Oneal Library.

Ruth Penton’s main passion is spending time with her family, her husband and seven year old daughter along with their pets!

Why have you decided to serve as a Torchbearer for the JLB?
When I was approached about being a part of this project, obviously I was inspired by the project.  But to be honest, one of my greatest insecurities and fears is asking people for money.  So as you can imagine, this scares me.  I decided to say yes because it seemed like a great opportunity to conquer one of my own fears.  The victims of domestic violence inspire me with their ability to conquer their fears, I thought the least I could do was to try to conquer one of mine, in their honor!

What/who inspires you to be a Light in our community?
Being a mother to my seven year old daughter, Emma inspires me in everything I do. 

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