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Bruce Lanier is the Principal Architect/Owner of Standard Creative, LLC, a small architecture firm providing residential and light commercial architectural and interior design services to a wide range of clients. He is also the Founder & Executive Director of MAKEbhm, and Avondale-based workspace that he operates with his wife Scottie.  MAKEbhm ("MAKE") is a membership-based creative space that serve as outlet, refuge, and support for those who want to build: build on their knowledge, build on their network, and build on their newly-discovered or long-standing passion to create.

In addition, Bruce is founding member of Design Week Birmingham and serves as Chairman of the Highland Park Neighborhood Design Review Board.  Bruce is also a graduate of Leadership Birmingham.

He and his wife, Scottie have lived in Birmingham since 2000 and have 3 children: Avary, Bruce IV & Jim.

Why have you decided to serve as an inaugural Torchbearer for the JLB?
I had the privilege of participating in the 2016 Class of Leadership Birmingham alongside the now-President of the JLB, Lauren Roberts.  In addition to learning from her about the breadth of active support the Junior League provides to the larger community of Birmingham, I also learned of the innovative and important work One Place Birmingham is doing to provide an integrated resource for victims of domestic violence who seek help and refuge.  So when Lauren asked me to participate, it was easy to say ‘yes’ knowing that it would be in support of people who are doing hard work.

What/who inspires you to be a Light in our community?
I’m not sure I’m a ‘light’.  But what inspires me about our City right now is the energy, openness and cooperation that has propelled our community forward over the last few years.  There is a tremendous amount of work to do to make our communities vibrant and to help our neighbors and citizens lead healthy, successful lives; and it begins by supporting the people and initiatives making forward progress--not just with our words and our dollars, but also with our direct engagement with their efforts. 

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