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Following 8 amazing years at the Community Foundation where Kathryn Corey served as Vice President for Donor Relations, she has started a consulting business which works with nonprofit organizations to help them better engage and educate their donors with a view towards greater sustainability.

At the Community Foundation, Kathryn enjoyed getting to know the donors there as well as nonprofit organizations of every shape and size in the greater Birmingham 5-county region.  Knowing how donors wanted to impact areas of need that were important to them gave her the opportunity to introduce them to ways they and their families could make a difference that was important for them and made a positive impact on our community.  They also looked for ways to leverage their giving by partnering with the Community Foundation, other area nonprofits and donors. 

Prior to working at CFGB,  Kathryn served as the Outreach Coordinator at my church, the Advent.  Through this work, she got to know other church members who were interested in our work with Tuggle Elementary, Habitat for Humanity and the homeless, poor and under-employed who live in the downtown community.  They had an annual Giving Tree program where church members could adopt a family from Tuggle at Christmas and they also held an annual Holy One Golf Tournament which helped raise money for Outreach Programs.

While living in Atlanta,  Kathryn served as the Executive Director for the Children’s Miracle Network of Georgia.

Why have you decided to serve as a Torchbearer for the JLB?
When I served on the JLB Homelessness Taskforce in the early ‘90s we spent many hours discussing the need for a sophisticated, coordinated approach to attempt to address the growing homelessness population of Greater Birmingham. We could only dream of the kind of work that One Place is doing today.  I am thankful for the hard work of One Place which is the only way to effectively address the core causes of homelessness.  Every day we see the outward signs of homelessness– men, women and children on street corners or under bridges, in need of basic shelter, food or medical care.  The only way to affectively address homelessness and to begin treating it is by uncovering, understanding and then treating the tough issues that cause it: mental illness, domestic violence, addiction, lack of education or job training, need of financial counseling, access to safe affordable housing, etc.  This is hard work and requires sophisticated coordination between emergency, transitional and long-term shelters, social workers, mental health providers, housing specialists and more.  Thank goodness One Place is doing this work. 

What/who inspires you to be a Light in our community?
I’m inspired by my community and the many people I encounter every day who live to make it a better place.  Often times these are not those in the spotlight but just everyday people who give you a smile and wish you a good day as they help with your groceries or tend to a loved one at an area elder care facility. To quote Mother Theresa, “We do not do great things; we do small things with great love”.

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