2017 Inaugural Torchbearers:

We are so appreciative of the great work of the Inaugural Torchbearers. Together, they exceeded their goal and raised $261,774 toward our $1.25 million gift to One Place Metro Alabama Family Justice Center. They've passed their torches and look forward to supporting the class of 2018. 

Tracey Morant Adams

Jarralynne Agee

Bob Battle

Ragan Cain

Allison Black Cornelius

Leigh Davis

Brian Giattina

Corey Hartman

Sam Heide

Tonya Jones

Bruce Lanier

David Loper

Bart McCorquodale

Anil Mujumdar

Kristin Ritter

Kim Rogers

Brett Shaffer

Joyce Vance

Dafina Ward

Ford Wiles